Undisclosed Financial Services Firm


When our Undisclosed Financial Services client relocated its Dallas operation to downtown, the firm hired Staffelbach to guide its major changes for the future. Staffelbach was tasked with keeping employees aware of the work environment changes, managing the shift from 70% private offices to a 100% open office work environment. The vision for their new workplace was to maintain its key driver as “client focused and team oriented.” The new environment was designed to foster synergy and collaboration, embody interconnectivity and transparency, and connect what they do and who they impact.

The design also enables employees to move about the office with laptops, fostering the core value of teamwork. A fully-integrated sound masking system was incorporated to maximize privacy and reduce noise in the space. Huddle rooms and informal, spontaneous meeting areas were carefully positioned through the office for private phone calls and heads down work. The new Work Café offers a variety of seating options for over 50 people and the sliding door system opens up to make a bigger area for large events. The design features multiple coffee break areas and galleys that help stage catering for conference rooms.


FIRST PLACE AWARD, COMMERCIAL CORPORATE, Texas Chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers, LEGACY OF DESIGN, 2014, Undisclosed Services Firm II.