Santander Consumer USA


Santander Consumer USA wanted to make a splash in downtown by moving to 14 floors in Thanksgiving Tower, as well as change the way they work. Their current work environment was about to change from private offices and high panel workstations to a 100% open work environment with modular conference rooms and huddle rooms throughout.

The CEO tasked the Design Team with developing a “kit of parts” that would serve as space standards throughout the work environment. These workspace standards would be developed as elements to be reused on the various floors. It was the CEO’s goal to build the least amount of walls, keeping the space clean, open and bright.

To help facilitate employee buy-in of the new work environment, Staffelbach built a mock-up on one of the floors to convey what the space would look like with modular walls, conference rooms, huddle rooms, workstations, furniture, lighting, ceilings, and flooring options (carpet and concrete).