When Epsilon decided to unite their company under one roof, they reached out to Staffelbach to create a space that facilitated teamwork and embodied their brand’s core values. The Irving-based company’s new space demonstrates a focus on employee wellbeing and hospitality in office design.

In their vertically integrated campus, collaborative areas break up workstations to create many opportunities for impromptu interaction. With a sleek, open design, the upscale space features a Starbucks coffee bar and a spacious dining area with gourmet and healthy eating options, gaming areas, fitness center, locker rooms, full data center, exterior patio, and collaboration spaces.

Each floor has its own Work Café with a distinct color scheme and layout, helping to identify each floor and give employees a sense of having their “own” neighborhood. The ground-level Customer Experience Center incorporates large conference rooms enclosed by clear glass walls that become opaque with the flip of a switch to give privacy to Epsilon’s elite clientele or to obscure sensitive information from view during presentations or meetings.