March 18, 2014

Staffelbach Helps Pandora Bring Company Culture and Local Flair to New Workplace

Pandora, the leading internet radio service, has expanded to Dallas, creating a Southwest Regional Sales Office at 1717 McKinney. The space, with an efficient open layout and big tributes to Texas music artists, is a dream office for music lovers.

Designed by Dallas-based interior architecture and design firm Staffelbach, the office features breakout rooms nicknamed after Willie Nelson, Beyonce, Stevie Ray Vaughn and other native Texans whose music pops up in playlists across the globe. Graphics indicative of the Pandora brand add privacy to the glass-walled meeting rooms, which surround the open office layout.

PandoraEmployees occupy collaborative workstations to enhance communication and create energy – there are no private offices here. As you would expect, Pandora playlists are on shuffle throughout the space to create ambiance and identify with guests in the office.

“The Pandora brand is all about the music and this space represents that in a major way,” Jo Heinz, Staffelbach President and CEO, said.

Pandora is headquartered in Oakland, California. The southwest regional sales office adds new jobs in North Texas.

“Expanding in local markets, such as Dallas, is a key part of our growth strategy,” said Chris Long, Regional Vice President of Sales. “Having a presence in Dallas and other cities with a critical mass of Pandora listeners allows us to capture a larger share of the radio ad market by making effective audio, digital and mobile ad products easily accessible to local advertisers.”

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