One Global Design

Staffelbach Inc., Dallas Texas, Interior Architecture

ONE Global Design a partnership of 17 independently owned architectural and design firms across the US, Canada, and Mexico. Like Staffelbach, each firm is considered best-in-class in their own individual market.

As a benefit of this partnership, we are able to help clients locally, nationally, and internationally. We have expanded our reach for clients that have needs in other markets. You will retain one consistent, single point of contact across all projects and offices. Someone who knows your brand, your vision, your philosophy, your standards.

Our clients have an opportunity to tap into 17 different firms with insights and trends that are happening in various industries and markets. Each firm is considered best in class in their local market; we are tapping into the strongest local resource available to build the best possible team for you.

Each member firm is independently owned and operated. We are entrepreneurs and business owners. We are personally committed to do whatever it takes to ensure a successful outcome.