August 5, 2014

Irving-based Epsilon has completed its move into its new headquarters at 6021 Connection Drive. Epsilon’s new office occupies over 250,000 square feet and the Staffelbach-designed space demonstrates a focus on employee wellbeing and hospitality in office design trends today.

“Employee wellbeing was a huge focus for Epsilon,” Jo Heinz, President and CEO of Staffelbach explained. “Their ideology is that one who feels the best, performs the best, and the team we partnered with was adamant in making sure the employees were comfortable and productive in their new environment.”


The space includes a large dining area with gourmet and healthy eating options. The Café Servery has a featured open flame “pizza oven” that is in no way limited to pizza, a deli style counter, a salad bar, grab-and-go cases and a large menu created by a former Wolfgang Puck chef. The extensive fitness center offers a variety of equipment to facilitate cardio, strength training, free weights, and is outfitted with monitors dedicated to workout programs like P90X. Locker rooms allow employees to comfortably change in and out of work attire making it easy to workout at any point in their day.

Each floor has its own Work Café with a distinct color scheme and layout, helping to identify each floor and give employees a sense of having their “own” neighborhood. A range of seating options – from high top tables to lounge furniture – is offered in all work cafes to accommodate different working preferences. Several of the cafes have pool tables, arcade games and other entertainment options to give employees gathering places. Wellness Rooms were created on each floor so new mothers and employees who need a moment have a place to retreat.

Epsilon previously officed in separate buildings where collaboration was not easily facilitated. In this new vertically integrated campus, collaborative areas break up workstations to create opportunities for impromptu interaction around every corner.

For Epsilon’s clients, who represent many of the largest, most recognizable brands in the world, a Customer Experience Center (CEC) was created on the ground floor. Guests are led through a gallery space into large conference rooms for presentations and meetings. Clear glass walls become opaque with the flip of a switch to give privacy or obscure sensitive information from view. The CEC is accessed through a newly renovated lobby that repurposed existing elements to keep budget costs down.Dynamic LED lighting and subtle curved design elements modernize the lobby.

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