FEBRUARY 9, 2016

Gone are the 1980s trends of dark, dreary and brass-clad office towers. But when a 1980s building has great bones and is comprised of great materials, it’s vital for designers to take responsibility for its restoration. When Staffelbach was hired to rebrand the Chase Tower property, one of the most iconic downtown landmarks, the team delivered a solution that pays homage to architect Richard Keating’s original plans, but also breathes a breath of fresh air and introduces a significant amount of light to the classic post-modern tower and adjacent domed structure.

After an extensive 10-month remodel, Chase Tower now proudly boasts a bright and airy lobby. The lobby is illuminated by two transcendent custom lighting elements above both escalators, and additional ceiling lighting and modern furniture. The Staffelbach design team developed the second floor mezzanine into meeting areas with seating options near the new Starbucks coffee shop. The building’s famous “Sky Lobby,” which offers panoramic views of the downtown Dallas skyline from 40 floors up, was reimagined as a vibrant landscaped area. Additionally, a new conferencing center and amenities lounge were implemented.

Given Staffelbach’s nationally acclaimed experience in rebranding buildings, the firm was chosen to redesign the dome, as well as the plaza and adjacent Tower properties. The Chase Tower Fitness Center was reimaged, and transformed into a state of the art fitness center. Referencing the striking geometry of the Fitness Center’s architecture and its adjacent tower, a “call-and-response” theme was developed, where interior design and architectural structure engage in harmonious dialogue.

Custom lighting references the structural complexity of both buildings, cascading from the dome’s apex. This modern-day interpretation of a chandelier imparts interest and a playful motif to the interior, while visually captivating pedestrian traffic through its 360° of glazing. To further reference the “call and response” motif, the Staffelbach design team used graphics, wall-coverings, floor-coverings, and spatial planning to complement and reference the originating geometry throughout the facility.

Transitioning from public to private space, an articulated, wood-planked wall identifies the entryways to the respective men’s and women’s locker and dressing rooms. In contrast to the common areas, the locker rooms were designed to channel a subterranean “oasis” with calming, neutral tones. Natural woods and stone, textural carpeting, and Zen design all contribute to a sense of tranquility, to act as a respite from vigorous work-outs.

The underground connector that joins the fitness center and office Tower was designed with movement in mind. When travelling through this connector, azure hues reference the fitness center, and bold graphics capture pedestrians’ imaginations en route to their destinations. A baroque motif was drawn on to add surprise and a pop of color. Hidden from view until approach, a bright chartreuse “poufe,” which can be found in an insert along the way, is backdropped with a kinetic graphic in shades of grey and black.

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