February 12, 2014

Full-service advertising agency Ackerman McQueen relocated to its new office space on the 18th floor of 17Seventeen McKinney, occupying over 25,000 square feet of the Granite Properties Uptown development.

The space, planned by Dallas-based interior design and architecture firm Staffelbach, is a creative hub designed to accommodate the agency’s high-profile clients in form and function.

AckermanMcQueenLongAckerman McQueen, with other offices in Oklahoma City, Tulsa, Colorado Springs and Washington, D.C., wanted a different approach in their Dallas location, creating a unique opportunity for Staffelbach.

“We wanted to enhance the client experience from the moment they arrive – to know they have entered a special place,” Staffelbach Associate and Project Manager Jonathan Grefaldon said.

AckermanMcQueen-2The office design is split diagonally into dark and light sides, first introduced in the reception area with contrasting porcelain tile colors and overhead lighting feature. The diagonal split of the North and South sides serves to visually separate the client amenities from employee workspaces. A skywalk emphasizes floor-to-ceiling views of the Dallas skyline and connects the reception area with the executive workroom, editing suite and expansive client presentation theater. The theater is equipped with automatic black-out window coverings to block light for client presentations on three oversize high-definition screens.

“Acoustical engineering and technology play a key role in the function of the presentation room,” Grefaldon said. “The end result is a room where clients can view media in any capacity without impacting tenants above or below this office space.”

The nearby executive work room offers a mix of classic, modern and contemporary furniture and acts as a hub for clients to connect and continue on with their own business during their stay in Dallas. For Ackerman McQueen staff, glass offices, collaborative workstations and independent lighting control allow for increased focus, connectivity and comfort.

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